Teenagers & Youth Guidance

Teenagers & Youth Guidance

Transformational change- Is it possible?, Read this from Ritwik Sankaran 10th Grade student in Delhi Private School, Sharjah dated Dec.1, 2012.),  “I was getting bad marks in almost all subjects before joining “Teenager Dynamic” Program; but now because of proper planning of time, I got very good marks in my subjects. I used to get 60’s out of 80 in Math; but now I got full in Math. I was extremely bad in Social Studies, getting only 50’s; but now I get in the 70’s out of 80. And every time I used to get bad marks in Arabic only 73 out of 100; but now I got 82.5. I would like to thank my parents for making me join this program and also Dr George who helped me.  (sd/  Ritwik).

This is just one of the hundreds of letters and feedback from participants that we have on our files since 1994. Teenager Dynamic – The Power to Change….Yes Change is possible, it is real and enduring.

Special skills may be needed to understand teenagers and to communicate with them. Many teenagers initially refuse to take help or avoid professional support. Since 1994 we have been providing counseling, training and mentoring to teenagers and college youth. We have completed our 150th training workshop in August 2016 as we continue to help the youth advance their level of functioning by improving their motivation, learning skills, communications skills, emotional intelligence, decision skills and other self-management skills. Teenager Dynamic ®  Since 1994.

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Teenager Dynamic program is now offered in  18-hour interaction format  spread over a 3-day weekend.  A candidates come over the weekend along with the family to participate in the intensive, interactive process which, to their surprise, turn out to be a fun experience. They go back as  changed persons.  

Two decades of professional experience helps us quickly diagnose each teenager in a SWOT format and understand his/her strengths and weaknesses before beginning the training, counseling and mentoring process.

Teenager Dynamic group  program  includes the following modules :

  • Introduction to teenage life and experience.
  • A behavioral model of success as a series of goal-directed action.
  • Dynamics of self-motivation
  • Goal setting and decision skills
  • Communication skills
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Emotional  Intelligence and strategies for managing emotions
  • Program evaluation
  • Parents’ workshop
  • Concluding session

Several therapeutic techniques adapted from Narrative Therapy, Poetry Therapy, Dialectical Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Modification, Gestalt Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming etc. are applied during these sessions.  The power of group dynamics is fully utilized by carefully designed activities and demonstration. The interactive mode is instrumental in eliciting active participation and a sense of camaraderie within the group.

Is it really effective?
On completion of the 100th Batch a systematic program evaluation was done on a sample of 360 participants of the Teenager Dynamic program  ( between 1994 and 2007). 98% of participants (353 out of 360)  reported that they were fully satisfied with the program and would recommend it to their friends. 70% of the participants rated the program as “Excellent”  and 30% rated it as “good”. Interestingly enough, none of them rated the program as “average” or  “Not Effective”.  Following were the percentage if teenagers who reported significantly high improvement in each of the Personal Growth factors :

  • Self- Confidence - 86%              
  • Self Motivation - 68%           
  • Concentration - 60%         
  • Memory Skills - 60%
  • Socializing Skills - 76%
  • Assertive Skills - 66%
  • Group/Public Communication -  70%  
  • Study Skills - 54%
  • Skills in managing Emotions - 54%     
  • Overall Personal Growth - 66%   

These results confirmed the validity and reliability of the intervention process.  Personal remarks and comments made by each participant were also recorded and filed for future reference. Some of the remarks were as follows :

  • “I think it was an amazing program, I had great fun and it was very helpful. I have learnt a lot of things that will be useful for me in life” ( Nislin, The Indian High School, Dubai )
  • “It opened my eyes…taught me totally new ways of doing things which never knew before….”  Pooja Varier ( Batch 106)
  • “A powerful, intensive program. you feel different…it defines your view on life. ”Asma Kamal (Batch 51)
  • “A program that leaves every teenager dynamic. gives us a deep insight into ourselves” Nikhil Nair ( Batch 45)
  • “Really great and I want to attend the program once again. I learnt to deal with teenage problems ..” Maria P.R ( Batch 68)
  • “These four days will be my most memorable days in life”C.P.Mubeena (Batch 66)
  •  “It was so interesting that I don’t have words to express my feelings. I will encourage all my friends to attend this course. ”  Reshma (Batch 72)
  • “I feel the program has worked well for me. I was amazed at what I was able to achieve.” Nikhil Mathew ( Batch 42)
  • “Joining this program was the smartest and the best thing I have done. This is my best summer vacation. made worthwhile.” Shoaib ( Batch 56)
  • “The program has absolutely changed my outlook toward life.” Rahul ( Batch 56)
  • “It has given me immense potential for personal growth. I am really glad to be a TEENAGER DYNAMIC”   Shobhna Bhatia (Batch 52)

Teenager Dynamic program (with Dr George Kaliaden)  continue to transform teenagers and is now accepted by participating families as well as by professionals as a reliable method for addressing teenage problems. Referral professionals like doctors, teachers, pastors, principals etc. continued to sustain the program without any advertising or media support. We are supported by ever-increasing god will of the participants. That was the most rewarding experience.    Thousands of families now vouch for the program and works for its wider reach. Teenager Dynamic is now ready to reach out to other states and communities. Trainers are being inducted and trained for continuing the mission.  

Register online for personalized problem-solving program or Teenager Dynamic Group Program : Contact:  kaliaden@gmail.com, +91-9846110021, Visit www.facebook.com/teenagerdynamic.

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