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Consilium Institute of Professional Psychology

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  • Counseling, Education Guidance and Family Therapy
  • Consultation for Parents on Child Behavior Management
  • Couple Therapy & Marriage Counseling
  • Pre-Marital Screening Psychological Preparation for Marriage
  • Behavioral Screening & Diagnostic Assessment of Children
  • Psychological Testing (I.Q., Personality etc)
  • Psychotherapy - Child Therapy ( Individual & Group )
  • Behavior Therapy & Cognitive Behaviour Modification
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) – Therapy and Corporate Training
  • Programming for Academic Excellence
  • Professional Training
  • Development Programming
  • Employee Assistance Program

Problem-solving Consultancy :
With our 2 decades of experience in psychological consulting, we are earned a great deal of trust from our valued clients. We are relied upon  by discerning clients and referring doctors in the UAE and India for finding professional solutions to teenage problems, youth read more...

The following questionnaire is to assess your nature and usual behavior pattern. Answer each question  based on your thinking, feeling, behavior over the past several months. Please mark T (True) or F (False)  against each item. Do not leave any item. You need to choose one answer (Yes or No) even if you are not read more...

With over 20 years of experience in marriage counseling and couple therapy. Professional input has helped many couples and families to objectively assess the viability of a marriage and take wise decisions on marriage enhancement or peaceful dissolution of marriage. Our consulting program (offered in person or online) is read more...

Organizational Effectiveness and Profitability depends on Personal efficiency, the so-called U-Factors or Psychological Variables. Emotional Quotient and the inner strength of the director or the executive are reflected in his/her motivation, commitment, inter-personal relations, leadership, team spirit, customer relations, read more...

Consilium Institute works with schools on a contract basis to serve as consultants or visiting counselors. Dr Geoge Kaliaden is on the Governing Board of Elite English High School, Dubai and have served on the Advisory Focus Group of Indian High School Dubai. Dr Kaliaden has been the counslling psychologist ( visiting) at read more...

Coaching for Excellence :
We have worked with CEO’s and Senior Executives a wide variety or corporations and helped them with their personality, decision - skills, thought management, communication skills, presentations skills, etc. We take up coaching assignments for a limited number of read more...

Publications : Good Counsel Books

Books by Dr George Kaliaden :

  • Healing with Words - A Psychologist’s Experiments in Poetry Therapy (New)
  • Techniques to Shape Better Behavior (New Edition )
  • Padtippikkam Nalla Sheelangal (Malayalam)
  • Tashkeel Al T’faal (Moulding Your Child- Arabic

Transformational change- Is it possible?, Read this from Ritwik Sankaran 10th Grade student in Delhi Private School, Sharjah dated Dec.1, 2012.),  “I was getting bad marks in almost all subjects before joining “Teenager Dynamic” Program; but now because of proper planning of time, I got very good marks read more...

Dr Kaliaden is the author of several books on Child Behavior Management and Parenting.  He provides consultancy and training for parents on child behavior, teenage issues and college youth crisis situations.  Workshops for schools and other organizations done by Dr Kaliaden or one of the CIPP staff / associates read more...

Associate’s Certificate :
Consilium Institute invites applications from graduates in psychology, social sciences, social work or related fields for  ACIPP Program (Post-Graduate Professional Development Program leading to the title “Associate of the Consilium Institute of read more...

Employee Assistance Program

We are recognized for conducting effective Employee Assistance Program. We view happiness as a good emotion and the scientists of positive psychology have also defined happiness with goal achievement. John Locke wrote, “The business of man is to be happy”. So, it will be fair to say that a read more...