Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program

We are recognized for conducting effective Employee Assistance Program. We view happiness as a good emotion and the scientists of positive psychology have also defined happiness with goal achievement. John Locke wrote, “The business of man is to be happy”. So, it will be fair to say that a business can improve by taking care of the happiness of the internal and external customers. The happiness strategies are related to the consumer-oriented, experience-related economy of today that helps in flourishing the companies. Customer’s happiness is thus crucial for a becoming a successful organization. A happiness mindset separates the exceptional from an average organization.


Below mentioned are some of the happiness strategies that organizations can implement for the long term, from the inside out :

  • Authentic Leadership : An authentic leadership will be when an employer takes interest in the employees. If you are a transparent leader, then your employees will be much focused with their clear and intentional goals. Employees always want to feel connected and an engaged staff is always a happy staff as well as a productive one. A 2011 Gallup poll found that 71 percent of American employees are disengaged from their workplace. This means that employees are devoid of various benefits. Thus, they are contaminating the surrounding environment and offering the customers a bad experience.
  • Making a Difference : Company culture should always be like to empower the employees as well as the customers. People who embrace the meaningfulness in their purpose are such who are fulfilled by an experience. In case, you are feeling good, there are chances that you will repeat the same gesture again. Robust brands have benefited from the “feel good” psychology and expanded their product line because of it; brands such as, McDonald’s” Happy Meal”, Apples iphone and the ultimate driving experience of BMW.
  • Employee Autonomy : Micromanagement is long gone and people now want to feel that they have control over their personal and professional destinies. Much importance should be laid upon what we do rather that the hours for which we worked.
  • Work Integration : It is a kind of new life balance and this helps in having more time for yourself, family and friends by working effectively.
  • Customer Engagement : If you get repeat customers, then that is the best business you are doing. In order to sustain products life cycle, customer engagement is necessary and also essential for the “happynomics” of the organization. If you are able to engage your customers for your brand, then they will be become your loyal buyers or repeat customers.

What is Consilium Employee Assistance Program?
Consilium Employee Assistance Program (CEAP) is a professional, fully confidential, and short-term counseling intervention by professional psychologist offered to all employees of the organization. We maintain annual contract with the organization. Services are free for employees. It is a fully confidential Professional Counseling program for personal and work-related problems. 

Under this program, employees and their immediate family members are free to avail both counseling and other psychological services for dealing with the common personal problems that might affect their wellbeing and efficiency. CEAP, offered by professionals, provided service to organizations like :

  • Otis Elevators (UAE)
  • Middlesex University (Dubai)
  • University of Wollongong
  • Cathay Pacific
  • McDonalds (Middle East Region)
  • National Air Cargo (Dubai)
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sabah Group (Sharjah)
  • Hykon Transcripts (CSEZ Cochin)

CEAP can assist with Work–related Stress: Work-Life Balance, Inter-personal Conflict at Work, Difficulty with Change and Adaptation, Emotional Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Depression Low Self Esteem and Social Skills Deficits, Personal Relationship Problems, Improving Work Performance, Personal Growth

CEAP can assist with Family-related Stress :

  • Marriage and Family Problems
  • Concerns about Children and Child Behavior
  • Addiction and Impulsive Behavior
  • Domestic violence, Emotional and Physical Abuse, Grief and Bereavement
  • Dealing with Traumatic Events
  • CEAP is Convenient
  • Access to both face to face and telephone counseling
  • 24/7 emergency counseling

Feedback from an employee on our EAP Program :

M. S.
Registered Nurse
P.O.Box 5566, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

15 November 2002

To :  The Webmaster.  

I am an Australian expatriate, currently working in Dubai and attending part-time postgraduate studies at the Dubai Campus of the Wollongong University of Australia. In August I felt the need to seek counseling and asked U.O.W. for a contact.  She gave me the Employee Assistance Program brochure.

I write this letter to you to convey how positively the EAP Program has assisted me personally.  I have been seeing Dr. George Kaliaden since mid-August, initially for one hour weekly for two months and now about every three weeks.

I was quite surprised how quickly we addressed many issues and separated the areas of difficulty. So much more came up for me on a personal level relating to childhood and self, which was unexpected. Dr. Kaliaden initiated a personality test and an I.Q. test, both of which have dramatically positively enhanced my understanding of my own behavior traits and my level of ability and confidence academically. I feel my most effective results have been releasing past paternal issues. This has reduced my general level of anger and reaction and I find myself communicating more effectively in general. It has been important for me to identify the difference between aggressive and assertive behavior and to work on relaxation techniques to modify my responses.

I have enjoyed Dr. Kaliaden’s relaxed and kind manner which have been imperative for me to build trust. He has been systematic and given me continued positive reinforcement and support. We have shared humour, which has helped alleviate stress and I have looked forward immensely to the sessions.  Although not all my troubles are resolved, I certainly feel more able to deal with them and move on.

I must thank you for providing a psychological service in Dubai, where it is often difficult to find comparable “western” standard support services. To have this available at such high professional standing in Dr. Kaliaden is indeed commendable. With thanks for supporting those of us in The Gulf who truly appreciate this.

Yours sincerely,
Maggie Staggs, R.N.  (Note: I have granted permission to Dr Kaliaden to publish my name and identification on the website posting)

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