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Feedback from Participants

The Program was everything powerful and totally and undeniably DYNAMIC"

    - Liza Vaz BBA Student, (from Goa) Centre for American Studies, Dubai.

The program has made me more motivated in doing things. I also feel more confident in making decisions. Now I feel more interested in my school work

    - Malcolm Smith ( from Scotland) 7 MC Student, English College, Dubai

¦Excellent solutions to real life problems. It was a mixture of fun and learning

    - J. Venkat, ( from Tamil Nadu) Grade 8, Our Own English High School, Dubai

After I met with Dr. Kaliaden and started consulting with him, everything changed in my life¦.He has given me techniques to understand myself, to develop my inner resources, to get myself better organized. The Program helped me reinforce all the good qualities in my life.

    - (Dr.) Jighesh Narayan Final MBBS student, Kasthurba Medical College, Manipal.

If I were working in a newspaper office, I would write an article on this proclaiming to the world - this is what you call personality change. I really thank God for helping Dr. George and all those who are associated with the Program

    - Jimmy Philips, 12th Grade Student, M.E.S. School, Doha

In the beginning I was really angry as I was forced by my parents to attend this program during my short vacation trip to UAE. But when I got to know what was really going on, believe me! It's great, just too great. If I had a chance to attend this program before, I could have made my teenage life more enthusiastic and more colorful¦ It has been informative, interesting, self-motivating¦ I really thank God and you sir, and my parents for making this wonderful experience for me

    - Anly Antony ( From Abu Dhabi ) Medical Student in India

I had an impression that I was the only student who was dumb and brainless in class. I thought nothing would improve my behavior and academics.But I do not know what happened to me after I joined this program by Dr. George Kaliaden. He has given me a new way for improving myself. I would like to follow his advice. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

    - S.M. (Name withheld upon request) from Our Own Engl.High School, Abu Dhabi

Overall it was an amazing experience and I really don't know what I would have done if I had not come for this program¦.Hope this program will benefit other people for ever¦

    - Benji, Modern High School, Dubai

These days will be my most memorable days in life¦the days when I developed even without my knowing it. I will always thank Dr. George for conducting such a program

    - C.P. Mubeena, Indian Islahi School, Abu Dhabi

"It has made me think different about everything, every feeling. I feel complete after coming here¦

    - Kahkashan Mahmood, Wesgreen International School, Sharjah.

It was exciting being in this program. I learnt a lot of things. I like this program

    - Shahrukh Zafar Qidwai, Lahore American School, Lahore, Pakistan

I came here thinking that there is no way I would like the program. But after the second day, I did not want it to end.

    - Sinan Raza

Well when I first gave my name for this _Program with Dr. Kaliaden,I had the illusion that this would be too boring. But from the first day till now I have felt something different, something showing the real Zenia inside me. I felt like a little chick coming out of an egg. I felt like I was born again. And I was glad because I thought that I was another nut with the dream of a great future ahead. But no, I didn't have one. And I was sad. Being a girl I have always regretted wasting my dad's money; but I will never regret using money for this program. I will always remember this program because this was a great changing point in my life. I will always be thankful to Dr. George Kaliaden because he was the one who broke the shell for me and let me into this new world, a beautiful, wide new world.

    - Zenia Mathias ( from Mangalore) Indian High School, Fujarah